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This text effectively highlights the key features of the ROG keyboard, but we can make it even more compelling by tailoring it to different scenarios:

gaming keyboard


  • Level Up Your Game: Uncompromising Comfort and Customization with the ROG Keyboard
  • Dominate the Competition: Precision Typing and Seamless Switching for the Ultimate Gaming Advantage
  • Silence Your Keys, Amplify Your Performance: ROG Keyboard Delivers Silky Smooth Keystrokes and Lightning-Fast Connectivity


  • Work Smarter, Not Harder: Elevate Your Productivity with the Ergonomic Excellence of the ROG Keyboard
  • Craft Your Comfort Zone: Customizable Typing Angles and Intuitive Controls for Effortless Workflow
  • Ditch the Deskbound Blues: Experience Untethered Freedom and Personalized Efficiency with the ROG Keyboard

Tech-savvy audience:

  • ROG Keyboard: A Cutting-Edge Masterpiece of Innovation for Typing Aficionados
  • Silence the Hype, Feel the Precision: ROG Keyboard’s Silicone Gasket Mount and Pre-Lubed Switches Redefine Tactility
  • OLED Display and Intuitive Knobs: ROG Keyboard Puts Command at Your Fingertips

Specification of Gaming Keyboard


Keyboard Size and Layout75%
Keyboard TechnologyMechanical
Keyboard Switch BehaviourLinear
Custom Programmable ButtonsAll Keys Programmable
Number of Memory Profile(s)5


Connectivity TypeWireless
Cord Length or Cordless Range2.0 m
Ergonomic DesignYes
Wrist Rest IncludedNo
Designed For GamingYes
Mechanical KeysYes
Backlit KeysYes
Lighting TypeRGB
Customizable LightingYes
LCD DisplayYes


Keyboard LanguageEnglish
Compatible Tablet ModelsWindows 10/11; MacOS
Colour FamilyWhite


Solar PoweredNo


Width32.6 cm
Height13.6 cm
Depth4 cm
Weight1.18 kg

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